Jennifer Reason

Pianist/Vocalist/Music Director

This is the website for Jennifer Reason, an experienced pianist, vocalist, and music director. She is based out of the Sacramento area and has performed worldwide for the past decade. 

First blog!

Welcome to my page!! Well, welcome to my page/welcome to my very first blog, ever. We're in this together now.. no promises your mind will be blown, or even that I'll remember I HAVE a blog now and should therefore be writing somewhat consistently. (Which, obviously, you all will be checking back for daily, if not hourly...) But, rookie blogger or not, it's all about music here. I started playing piano when I was 4, after my mother grew tired of my incessant banging on her piano and decided to try to give some order to the sound by signing me up for lessons. I fought her tooth and nail for, oh, a good 12 years. "Talk to me when you're 18" she'd sigh after yet another pillow-throwing tantrum about hating piano/hating my teacher/hating her for putting me through such torture/hating life in general because of the cruelty that was my being forced to study music. And now, here we expecting the  "I told you so" or "Who was right, Jennifer?" calls from Mom after every successful performance or tour. (No doubt she'll be getting as much mileage out of that as possible...which is only fair, I suppose.) I'm so very, very grateful she dodged my pillows--was there a shoe or two in there as well?--and never relented, because I've found myself on a beautiful journey that I wouldn't trade for anything, and that I now have the privilege of sharing with you as well. Wherever said journey may take us, thanks for joining me!!