Jennifer Reason

Pianist/Vocalist/Music Director

This is the website for Jennifer Reason, an experienced pianist, vocalist, and music director. She is based out of the Sacramento area and has performed worldwide for the past decade. 

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"Jennifer Reason is remarkable artist and has performed more than 30 times for me over the past 6 or 7 years. She has the ultimate respect for her ability from the many people that have seen her play, which are in the thousands. I look forward to her performances because I know she is always going to deliver whatever is needed to make an event outstanding." Jeff Trager            

"As an event manager, I've hired Jennifer Reason many times over the past 5 years. She is not only an accomplished pianist but she is dependable, great to work with and absolutely stunning! Jennifer always exceeds expectations. I highly recommend her!" Judy Collinsworth  

 "A stunning and versatile performer. I have been working with Jennifer for many years and have seen her perform various styles of music with an unsurpassed prowess and finesse, from classical to new music, from jazz to pop. She does it all and does it extremely well." Stephen Bingen

"Outstanding pianist and singer who can perform a wide variety of musical styles." Karen Percy    

"Gifted pianist, versatile singer and a wonderful person!" Beth Steele   

"An amazing talent and dedicated artist." Jennifer Vaughn  

"JennIfer is just magical!! Truly one of a kind. If you've had the privilege of hearing her or working with her, you know what I'm talking about. I've seen her fill so many musical roles, she continues to astound me with her versatility and incredible amount of talent in whatever venue she is placed. I have yet to see the full expression of her musicality! Such a personality too... Everyone always enjoys her as much as the beautiful music she creates!! Expect great, great things from this musician in the near future, and involve yourself in her music as much as possible while she's not world famous (Oh wait...)!" Laurin Cummings

"Awesome! Truly an amazing and gifted performer. I could listen to Jennifer perform all day - She's a 5-star talent, loaded with style and grace!" Amy Huusko

"As Ms. Jennifer's student, I couldn't ask for a better all-around piano instructor. Her wonderful capability not only to play the piano, but to teach as well, ignites a sense of determination, self-confidence and a desire to try all the harder to meet one's goals. Along with her dedication to music, she has a warm personality that creates a comfortable atmosphere where one can share a smile and a laugh with her. Ms. Jennifer is a blessed individual and without hesitation, I would recommend her to any and all searching for a piano instructor or accompanist."  Ruben Kutsar            

"On a scale of 1-5, I give Jennifer 6 gold stars! Not only is she an outstanding musician and respected professional but she is also a fun and engaging person. She accompanied my daughter for a cello recital and we were so thankful to have been referred to her (and even more thankful that she was available on the date we needed her). During their rehearsals, she demonstrated remarkable teaching skills as well. She provided instruction/suggestions in a manner that was encouraging and positive. She was very supportive when my daughter was struggling with a certain portion of a particular piece of music. Jennifer is so talented and professional and just an amazing person. We can't wait to work with her again." Mary Dougherty     

"I cannot think of any word that is good enough to describe Ms.Reason's talent. She is an exceptional musician. Her playing is like a gorgeous painting with many layers of beautiful colors; it has so many voices that can speak to any soul. She is able to take music to people's heart, as well as sharing her love and passion for the piano to others. A phenomenal musician and teacher!" Hannah N.      

 "WOW!" Shirley Schmitt

"Best on the piano ever." Jeremy D.

"Jennifer is very talented. She sang graciously for our Victim's Right Week Event. Wish her the best in all her future endeavors." J. Patel           

"Jennifer is a wonderful musician. She performed at our HQ event celebrating the National Week of Victim Rights. We were blessed to have her participation in our program; her music was well thought out and appropriate for our event. We hope to have her back next year."  Kerry Danis

"She is AMAZING!!!" Anonymous

"Great pianist, great teacher." C Florin     

"Jennifer's piano planning is truly moving. It is like listening to poetry. No one else has moved me to tears with their playing like Jennifer. She is a fabulous pianist as well as a fantastic person." Janis Jonas           

"As both conductor and singer, I have worked with Jennifer many times. She has also accompanied many of my students in recital and concert work. Jennifer is a complete professional. She has wonderful expression, and plays BEAUTIFULLY." Ed Halbach         

"I have worked with Jennifer on several occasions and she is always my first choice when I need an accompanist in the Sacramento Area! I highly recommend her both for her amazing piano skills and for her rehearsal attitude!" Kathrine Bamfield O'Leary      

"A Brilliant Pianist!!" Peter Francis     

"One of the best pianists in Sacramento! Polished excellence, on top of her game." Pavel Kravchuk      

"She's Amazing !!!!! Thank u for sharing your gift with all of us .....Your music is breathtaking!!" Janae Smith    

"Jennifer is an accomplished pianist who is well trained and plays with great passion. She's also easy on the eyes." Rich Gereg      

"I am blessed to hear the joy that comes from Jennifer's hands. I sit 2 rows back from her piano and can't take my eyes off her. It is pure magic what she is able to do and her love for music pours out in every note she plays." Cam Harder                

"One of the most talented accompanist and artist I have ever worked with. I had a last minute emergency and needed a sub accompanist. Jennifer came to our rescue and was fabulous. Not only is she extremely gifted, but she is also one of the kindest personalities I have ever met. She made me feel so at ease during a frantic moment in performance. She's amazing!" Kristin Faulkner  

"FABULOUS musician...all genres. Fabulous person as well!!!" Anne Indermill

"Jennifer Reason and I go back quite a way and I have to say that this artist has always played with passion, integrity, and respect for the music in which she plays! She has been inspirational in my life to pursue a high musical standard of excellence! I am more than elated to write a positive review of this artist!" Cameron Williams        

"Absolutely breath taking!" Lura Jepson                 

"I have been to many of Jennifer's performances. She is a true professional, who is clearly very passionate about what she does. Her music will move you." Blair Swadley

"Jennifer Reason tackles challenging music with aplomb and apparent ease. Her interpretations are intelligent, colorful, and expansive." Matthew Q. Brown              

"She is amazing and really blows you away when you hear her play the piano. I love listening to her!" Megan Moltzner

"You forget all the things around you when she plays, just amazing." Norbert Schieder    

"Excellent pianist. My daughter has her BA in piano performance, and an MA in composition, and she says Jennifer is one of the best young artists she's met. I've seen her sight read, and she's phenomenal. She's a very strong performer. Quite enjoyable to hear/see. Sure to be a success." Guy Stimers

"Jennifer is amazing! She can play a wide range of music and styles all fabulously. When I listen to her music, I truly feel it." Darren Indermill  

"Jennifer is quite an artist... But she is not a 'show-off.' Rather, she is very down to earth and modest - traits which only add to each performance and to her as a person. Oh, and she sings like nobody's business too!" Emily Thompson

"She plays like an angel." Rachel

"She is quite phenomenal and to be so talented she has a very down to earth personality. Can't find anyone who can do what she does." David L.      

"I could listen to Jennifer play the piano all day long!" Scott McAllister

"Jennifer has an amazing voice and is a wonderful artist. I find joy is listening to her sing and play piano." Alycia

"I have been fortunate to hear Jennifer perform on numerous occasions - seeking out these opportunities and inviting friends to join me. These performances have included classical music, modern chamber music, and accompanying a choir. It is more telling that I have often thought of Jennifer's playing when she was not the performer - attending a concert, listening to another pianist, and imagining how the music would have been improved if that pianist had Jennifer's clarity, understanding of individual composers, range of style, strength, subtlety, ability to shape to and support a soloist ... the list goes on." Dan Sackheim

"Ms. Reason is a very talented accompanist and solo artist. I am a singer and have had the pleasure of collaborating with her several times. She is extremely professional, easy going, and one of the best sight readers I've worked with. Ms. Reason has accompanied me in performances of Gospel, Opera, and Musical Theatre. She plays all of these styles with ease and wonderful expression." Leslie Sandefur

"I've known Jennifer for many years and have experienced her broad spectrum of musical abilities. Not only is she capable in any professional situation, she goes above and beyond and is an exceptional performer and entertainer. Not only is she exceptionally well trained and experienced, but she plays with a genuine passion and love for music which is truly moving. I have had the honor of seeing her in concert on several occasions and attended her personal recitals as well; I would want Jennifer at any function I was attending or sponsoring." Bekki Nelson

"Jennifer is one of the most gifted and talented piano players I have ever worked with either on stage or in studio. I see big things coming her way in the future." David VenDegrift, Gator Studios.

"Jennifer Reason is a most accomplished pianist who is comfortable playing a wide variety of musical styles. I have had the privilege of hearing her perform recitals of classical compositions. I am also familiar with her remarkable ability to accompany others with sensitivity and precision. Jennifer is also very personable . With her enormous musical talent and delightful personality Jennifer Reason is a performer you are going to want to hear and to have play at any special event you are planning. Five stars plus from this reviewer!" Jane Frey        

"I've seen Ms. Reason play a number of times, both as a soloist and with ensembles. Each time I am blown away by both her talent and selections. Recently, I saw her perform with Citywater, where she pushed the envelope of what I knew of a piano's capabilities. Her contemporary playing is simply amazing, but my favorite is still her classical solo performances. I have played classical and jazz music, academically, competitively and professionally for 12 years, and she is the most talented and well-rounded musician I have ever known or seen." Ryan Norman     

"She's an AMAZING pianist, both as an accompanist and as a performer. I've had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions, and all have been incredibly rewarding experiences." Kate Janzen

"Jennifer ia a very gifted and professional musician who is dedicated to her craft and a pleasure to work with." Len Jones

"Jennifer is an extremely talented performer. She is graceful under pressure and always makes her audience feel at ease with her friendly and outgoing personality that is well communicated by her music. I have had the pleasure of watching Jennifer on three occasions and was always amazed at her ability to draw her audience in, and give life to the piece she was performing." Captain Sean Vassar

"She is very talented and makes sure that she gets done what she needs to get done. a great ear for tuning as well as great sight reading. efficiently gets her pieces performed into high status. good with multitasking. great pianist. performs well under pressure and in concert. she plays as though that is all she does with a great heart and talent for what she does." Jackie Kubach

"FABULOUS PIANIST! Excellent performer, and very professional demeanor." Janell Coskun

"Jennifer is a very professional and compelling live artist as well as very creative in the recording studio. I have just completed a recording project with Jennifer that involved many other superb musicians including Sly and the Family Stone’s and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Jerry Martini, and singer Twanna Turner. Everyone involved in the project was blown away with Jennifer’s musical talent, not to mention the fact that she is a very nice young lady and fun to work with. Whether it was taking the lead or providing accompaniment, Jennifer knew intuitively what a song needed and added her own beautiful colors to the canvas. She plays with a depth and sensitivity well beyond her years, and for this reason I believe Jennifer is an “old soul.” Standby everybody, we will be hearing a lot from Jennifer as time goes on." Bill Wylie

"Jennifer is very very good, very professional and very nice." Penny Ahrens

"Jennifer has accompanied me on the piano several times for recitals and other perfmances of opera arias. I find her style extrememly sensitive and beautiful. She seems to know intuitively where I am going with a phrase, even when I adjust it for the next performance." Stephanie Blackwell        

"Jennifer is an outstanding accompanist...She can play accurately and sensitively at first read. She was punctual, professional, and pleasant to work with. She was flexible and able to share creatively to the process." Richard Schwartz