Jennifer Reason

Pianist/Vocalist/Music Director

This is the website for Jennifer Reason, an experienced pianist, vocalist, and music director. She is based out of the Sacramento area and has performed worldwide for the past decade.

Recently I uprooted myself from my long-time residence in Sacramento and braved the relocation demons to arrive in the Bay Area, in hopes of bigger and better musical opportunities. So, I figured hey--I'm already being brave moving, why not be EXTRA brave and also use this opportunity to.......clean out and organize my music. ("dum- dum- dum- dummmmmm.") This is no small undertaking mind you. I have 5 large bookshelves of scores alone, and that doesn't include the black hole that is the piles and piles and PILES of sheet music collected up there in that room. (Think I'm silly for having been intimidated by paper for so long? Imagine: over ten years worth of gigs, concerts and collaborations, just.....sitting there. Daring you to plunge into the bottomless depths and get lost for ever. You'd be scared too!) 

So, after some serious glaring at myself in the mirror, some gentle calisthenics and breathing exercises, and just a liiiittle bit of drinking, I plunged in. week later, I'm happy to announce I have emerged A) still alive B) with only a slight case of dust related emphysema and C) basically on a spiritual high after so much cleansing and purging. I now have-*gasp*- CATEGORIZED shelves and, after purchasing 16 very handy organizers from Staples, ORGANIZED LOOSE SHEET MUSIC. Friends, it CAN be done. To name a *mere* few, I am now free of almost 20 freshly emptied gig binders, 15 extra copies of O Mio Bambino, 12 extra copies of Summertime, and about 5 extra copies of every Puccini aria you can think of. And that's just for starters. (Read into that list what you will....I have no idea what those selections say about my career thus far.) Also, I had a lovely time finding so many old programs from years-ago shows I would have had no chance of remembering otherwise. 

Moral of the story? Be brave! Be brave and relocate, and be braver still and wrestle that paper planet into submission while you're at it.

Here's to starting over fresh, with a sparkling grown-up style music library behind me. Wish me luck!!!