Jennifer Reason

Pianist/Vocalist/Music Director

This is the website for Jennifer Reason, an experienced pianist, vocalist, and music director. She is based out of the Sacramento area and has performed worldwide for the past decade. 


Every now and then your career catches an unexpected curve ball.

13 years ago my mentor founded the wildly-talented professional vocal ensemble RSVP. ( I remember sitting in the audience for their shows, wide-eyed and bowled over, and wondering if I'd ever get to sing with a group like that.

Not quite 5 years ago, I won my own spot as a singer in RSVP, and could not believe my lucky stars. I was over the moon.

And here's the curve ball that little impressed and wistful college student that I was never saw coming. Very recently my mentor stepped down, and I was asked to fill in as Interim Artistic Director. (Me! What?) Well, the deal was I'd prep and run this season's concert series--as both singer AND director mind you--and then the Board and the other ensemble members would vote me in or out, based on how well everything went. (*no pressure*)

Aaannd.....**drum roll please**.....I was voted in! IN!!! I am now the permanent Artistic Director of RSVP!!!! I could not be more excited about it. Not only is the musicianship in this ensemble through the roof, but this group is special for another awesome reason: We sing to raise money for charities. 100% of our proceeds go towards the cause we've chosen to support each season. So far we've raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for over 20 charities, including Courage Worldwide, Meals on Wheels, WEAVE, Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento, Project HOPE, and so many more. So, I get to make amazing music that also has a tangible impact on the lives of people that are helpless and struggling. Seriously? Does it get any better than that?? And now I don't get to just be a part of it, I get to be at the HELM of it.  SUCH AN HONOR. I'm completely overwhelmed. And a little speechless at the turns life takes.


Watch out world, here we come.